Hong Kong!^^

Yes! Yes! You read correctly. I’m going to Hong Kong for a conference! Pan-Asian Biomedical Sciences Conference. I can’t wait to tour around the big famous city of Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and many more. All my childhood heroes are coming flooding back… Also, because of frequent visit by Team Running Man making me wanna go there more. So can’t wait! I’m excited! :)))

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Oh yesssss! I have finally submitted my thesis correction with all the forms, yes, I need 6 forms to submit 1 soft copy thesis. So so troublesome but I did it! Now I just need to wait for my senate meeting that will announce the date of my Master’s convocation day and I can submit the 5 copies of hardbound thesis to get my 1 and only Master’s transcript. Phewww! What a long journey! I have also rewrite my publication paper (in 2 and a half hours) and my paper will be publish next month! Yayyyy! I can’t wait! (^^,) (^_^)

Now, what is my next life stage plan? A PhD? Why not? I have come a long way and I need to keep moving on and on. I’m still undecided on what course yet but I have already decided on the country! Oh yes, I’m trying my best to do my doctorate’s degree in other country and I hope it will be very soon!

Play, study, work and pray hard! I have only 1 life to live with! :))

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Mr. Sweet!



Smile from your eyes down to your lips and straight to your hearts! Mr. Lee Jinki a.k.a Onew πŸ™‚
#shinee #leader #onew #dubu #sweet #smile

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Support for Palestine!


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Delicious wrap!


1. Daun kaduk (or Piper sarmentosum)
2. Fried coconut
3. Peanuts
4. Chilli
5. Lime
6. Raw onions
7. Raw ginger
8. Honey

Wrap it all and you will have a delicious and healthy snack! Happy snacking! (^^,)v

P/s: I don’t remember its name. Sorry!

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I wished I could write just like flowing water. No, I am more akin to stagnant water now. Steady but not moving much. I need to finish it fast! But I have just completed the references, intoduction and method only. I still have 2 abstracts and discussion to do. I freaking hate discussions! Oh, I left out literature review. Not much though, only 1 topic but that need some reading too. Sobs.

And now I am stuck with oral test for the whole August! Yikes. I need to have my own sweet time to write but I guess I need some squeezing for ideas. My brain is overloaded. Zzzzzz.

Pray hard and work hard!

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That is what best describe me now. Average works 6h and I added 2 to 3 more hours, involuntarily. Yes, I can say that I overworked. No offense, I love my job. I dislike the side jobs. The extras that hold me back for more hours and home among the last.

In a day I can do major admin work, teaching, be an examiner, make copies, be an editor, make handouts, coach the team, etc etc. How many extra hands do I have? I don’t need recognition or extra rewards. No, I don’t want it! I just need a peace of mind. If you think you can be me for a day, you are most welcome to. If not, back off. Stop messing with me. I have enough on my plates already.

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