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Jaejoong’s twitter!!

Jaejoong’s twitter pictures:

i am so LOVE with this last picture..he tweeted it this morning..he looks so happy and handsome as usual^__^


*bonus: jaejoong tweet failure!! now he knows how to upload his *pohtos* correctly..kekekee~


credit: jaejoong’s twitter – mjjeje

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JYJ 12 Hour Whirlwind – Burns $1 Million

JYJ comes to Malaysia for showcase – attracts over 4000 fans who form a red sea. The atmosphere is exploding!

Previously been in America for studies, Yoochun (right) sometimes translates for Jaejoong and Junsu, and even corrects the translating material of the translator

JYJ’s interview at the press conference – attracts nearly 100 different media outlets of different languages

JYJ signing on the posters as a present for the organizers and sponsors of the Malaysian showcase

Junsu and Jaejoong being asked about the level of difficulty when singing English songs. The two stalled and wanted the other one to answer – very hilarious!

Junsu (from left), Jaejoong, and Yoochun form the JYJ – popularity is still as high as ever

JYJ 12 Hour Whirlwind – Burns $1 Million
The JYJ whirlwind has arrived in Malaysia with a total of 25 people flying over from Singapore. In merely 12 hours, their packed schedule included the showcase, a press conference, and the fan photo-taking event. The trio’s total expense rose over $1 million Ringgits, so not only is their ability to suck in money super strong, their massive expenditure is equally surprising!

Previously in TVXQ, the 3 members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu formed the group JYJ. Their arrival yesterday created a huge JYJ whirlwind, attracting over 4000 participants at the showcase. Around 100 media outlets with different language platforms attended the press conference at night, with electronic and web media coming to interview the trio. After the press conference, there were 400 fans who bought the 800 Ringgit tickets that could earn them a chance to have a private photo-taking session with JYJ.

Originally, JYJ planned to stay in Malaysia for a night, but the day before they came, they finalized another activity that was to be held in Seoul on the 18th, so the trio flew back to Korea on the same night after their showcase on the 17th at 11:30PM. Because of the sudden change of schedule, it made their visit to Malaysia very tight on time. The showcase was delayed an hour because of rehearsals, and the location for the photo-taking session moved hotels, taking place after the press conference than straight after the showcase. But because the trio returned back to the hotel, the media continued to interview the Korean side through the internet, which then dragged for another one and a half hours and was canceled in the end. The photo-taking lasted for only about 10 minutes before hastily ending. JYJ still left for the airport full of their fans’ blessings and support, concluding their 12 hour journey in Malaysia.

The showcase “forbidden topics” – Malaysian fans donate $10K USD to charity

JYJ’s management company being involved in gang-related activities, Japanese activities being obstructed, SM Entertainment filing for the prohibition of sales of JYJ’s new album, and the boycott on JYJ’s Korean activities are all very hot topics, but were all categorized in the “forbidden topics” for the Malaysian press conference. Malaysian media ignored these sensitive topics not related to the promotion by putting the main focus of their questions on JYJ’s new album. The three obviously didn’t want to create even more issues during this sensitive period, so they chose to keep silent in reaction to these problems.

Although the trio have been working hard all day, with their faces showing signs of fatigue, they are unable to forget the passion of the fans after the showcase ended. At the 7:30PM press conference, they were still in a state of excitement. Junsu stated frankly that they hoped plans for a concert in Malaysia would quickly be confirmed so they can come back to see everyone again.

The fans of JYJ considerately donated $10K USD under the name of JYJ to welcome them as a new group. The money will be donated to World Vision’s poverty alleviation programs, which deeply touched JYJ by this act of kindness, who have already donated a sum of money to World Vision themselves.

Although they were unable to take a look at Malaysia’s beautiful scenery, the three hope that they will have another chance to come to Malaysia to enjoy the sunshine, and even to take promotion pictures. Junsu laughingly said that he liked Malaysia’s coconut trees the most, and hopes that he can take some time to come for a vacation with a couple of friends.

As an idol group, JYJ’s every action and their clothing and accessories have all become a fashion guide to their fans. Jaejoong said that off-stage, they don’t have special requirements for their apparel, just as long as it is comfortable and suits them well.

‘The Beginning’ is JYJ’s debut album after their formation. When asked about their individually composed songs and whether or not it portrayed the real experiences of them, Jaejoong said “it wasn’t just my own experiences, but also the feelings of a lot of people.” Junsu admitted “‘I Can Soar’ is my own personal experience.” What was the purpose of naming the album ‘The Beginning’ and what message does it convey? Yoochun said “it means that everyday is a new beginning!”

With their album going international, JYJ had to sing the songs in English. For Junsu and Jaejoong who had troubles with the language, it could be said that this was a big test for them. Did the unknowing two ask for assistance from Yoochun to improve their English fluency? The two laughed and urged the other one to answer. At last, Junsu answered “English really is hard to learn. This isn’t, after all, a language that we are familiar with and use frequently. During the recording process, Yoochun helped us tremendously, and always corrects our pronunciation!”

To test the language-talent of the trio, the host wanted them to learn “aku cinta pada mu” on the spot. They followed the pronunciation bit by bit like students, and Yoochun repeated it again with accurate enunciation, so indeed, Yoochun is the most gifted one out of the three in terms of language.

Source: [sinchew.ent]
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Korean boy band thrills fan

KUALA LUMPUR: Korean boy-band JYJ thrilled thousands of screaming fans at Stadium Negara while promoting its debut album, The Beginning.

The trio — Kim Jae Jung, Park Yoo Chun, and Kim Jun Su — were formerly from another boy band, TVXQ.

The one-hour showcase allowed the three to meet their fans after last year’s long, drawn-out quarrel with its former agency, SM Entertainment.
This resulted in the three filing a suit against the agency to annul their contract because of allegedly unfair provisions.

A court granted a temporary injunction in favour of the three and barred SM from interfering in the band’s activities.

The name JYJ is formed from the first letter of each member’s name.
American producers Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins, who had worked with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, produced the group’s album.

“Thanks for waiting for us, and thanks for keeping the faith,” said Yoo Chun to a deafening roar from fans.

The group performed Chak-ar-da, Ayyy Girl, Be The One and Empty.
In conjunction with the event, some fans collected US$10,000 (RM31,000) and donated it to World Vision, a relief and development organisation, in the group’s name.

Warner Music Korea started distributing the album a few days ago, but SM Entertainment filed for an injunction in Korea to stop the album’s sales. If a court granted the injunction, every copy of the album would have to be recalled.

The group kicked off its tour on Friday and will head for Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Read more: Korean boy band thrills fans



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JYJ Sells A Record-Breaking 520,000 Pre-Orders Of The Beginning!!

JYJ’s first album, The Beginning, has surpassed pre-orders of 520,000 cds.

JYJ’s distributor, Warner Music Korea, says that the production of more than “99,999 limited edition copies, 300,000 special edition copies and 220,000 regular edition copies” and supplying retailers were what caused the delay in the release.

JYJ was able to feel the explosion of interest from fans when they were preparing for the special pre-orders which has since sold out. They are still getting interest in the special pre-orders.

The general album debuted today and the special editions will be released on October 18th.

Warner Music went on to say that, “JYJ who has 520,000 copies just in pre-orders, will give the boost that the sluggish music market needs.”

These boys just keep getting more and more amazing. They’ve sold out their Seoul showcase in 15 minutes, and it looks like they could possibly sell a million copies!

credit: mtvk
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*side note: never underestimate the power of DBSK/TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI, JYJ, Cassies & Bigeast!!^_^

jyj fighting!!DBSK fighting!!cassies fighting!!ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH~

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101013 JYJ’s First Showcase: “We Finally Stood On Stage With Mics In Hand” + Q&A

Posted Image

TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who formed a male trio JYJ, finally stood in front of their Korean fans for the first time.

At 9PM on the 12th, JYJ held their 「JYJ Worldwide Showcase」 in Hwajeong Gymnasium, Korea University, Anam-dong, Seoul, and showed off their bright and confident images.

On that day, it was the first public exhibit of JYJ’s first worldwide album 「The Beginning」, which the trio had worked together with famous American producers Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins. During the LIVE, 4 songs from that album, as well as the OST song 「Chajatta」 from KBS2′s drama 「Sungkyunkwan Scandal」, were introduced. This album has attracted a lot of attention because it includes songs by each of the trio, composed from when they were teens. Through their powerful voices and refined choreography, one could catch a glimpse of the sincerity and effort the trio have put into this album.

Next, is a question and answer with JYJ:

How do you feel, standing on the stage after such a long time?

JJ: Completely grateful. This is the first time we recorded an album in which the songs are all in English, so it might be unfamiliar, but as the fans are familiar with our voices, I hope they’ll listen to it well. As we spent a lot of time preparing for this album, I hope that the fans will enjoy it with all their hearts.

This is JYJ’s first album. Are there any new feelings?

JS: The album and our music are our means of communication with the fans, so I worried a lot. Through our fans’ support, we were able to release the album without any problems, so I’m really happy.

The producers involved in this album are very famous people.

YC: I’m really happy to have been able to work with such famous people that I’ve only heard about when I was living in the United States during my childhood. The recording also has special sentimental value because the recording studio that we used also had connections to Michael Jackson.

In June, after the LIVE in Japan’s Tokyo Dome, Jaejoong cried as he came down the stage.

JJ: Before we did the performances at the Tokyo Dome, we also had a round of LIVES at Osaka. In Osaka, I started crying from the very first song. All the things that we couldn’t express in words were expressed through our expressions. After we sang the last song at the Tokyo Dome, the fans started shouting “Don’t cry”, and that was when the tears came. It wasn’t for the past nor the future; those tears were to express the sadness (I felt) for the present situation.

Are there any idols among the Korean idols that have caught your eye?

YC: I’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t really been watching TV. Although I’ve only heard their song and not seen them on TV, it seems like Miss A surpasses (the rest) in terms of ability.

Your resolution henceforth.

YC: We were able to hold mics and stand on stage, as well as meet our fans again. From now on when we release a second album, or when we release albums in future, I hope that people will have the thought of always wanting to listen to our songs. I’m really happy that I’ve been so busy during this period of time. I would be happy if it’s the same in future.

Source: [JoongAng Ilbo]
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How to go to JYJ Showcase @ stadium merdeka, kuala lumpur this 17 october by public transport?

.but u know what to me they are still DBSK ♥ 

  1. If you’re from KL Sentral, you can use KL Monorail’s Maharajalela station
  2. If you’re from KLCC, you can use Putra Lrt to Dang Wangi then changetrain to KL Monorail’s Bukit Nanas station to Maharajalela station
  3. if you’re using star lrt then stop by hang tuah station and then walk straight from the lrt station and take a left turn..u will c the stadium negara afterwards
  • exclude taxi

The map of Stadium Merdeka

LRT link

after u arrive at the Maharajalela station..if ur not sure for walking road..i suggest u to take a cab straight to da stadium negara

the Maharajalela station station is located 0.2 Kilometers away from Stadium Merdeka *stadium merdeka is opposite to stadium negara*

here is da photo of the location for both stadium..

if any of u know better and more detail for the info do let me know as i can share it with the rest of my friends hehe

well hope it does help ya a bit…

see ya there on this 17 oct. 😛

credit: noriko noly^_^


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Repost: Xiah Junsu dishes on his upcoming musical

Xiah Junsu is the first ever idol to prepare a musical concert with his own name headlining it.

Perhaps such is the reason why he’s working harder than ever preparing for his four day musical, set to begin on October 7th. Junsu will be working alongside musical stars such as Seo Bumseok, Min Young Ki, Shin Young Sook, and others.

Already having received the rookie award for “Mozart!” at the Musical Awards, Junsu became widely known for his strong concentration skills and the amount of effort he puts into his rehearsals.

In a recent meeting at his rehearsal hall, Junsu met with reporters and honestly confessed his thoughts regarding his first ever self named concert.

Thank you for your interest. The pressure of being alone is bigger than ever, being the first concert under my name. This performance was only possible with the support of the director and producers. We’ve aready been rehearsing together for three months now so the level of synchronization with the other actors is as great as ever. We’re all working hard and I believe that we’ll be able to show everyone a great concert.”

The concert seats a 10,000 member audience and began production last May.

I released a single in Japan in May and this will be the first time I’m performing one of the songs in Korea. The song holds a message of my feelings for my fans.” Junsu’s “Intoxication” is considered one of the highlights of his musical, being the first ever performance in Korea.

Co-producer Yoo Heesung revealed, “‘Mozart!’ was sold out in February and was successfully completed. Junsu’s concert will be like a galla in style where the actors will be able to connect with the audience more as opposed to singing a few songs and going off stage. Levay also fell in love with Kim Junsu’s performance after watching him and has expressed that he would love to produce songs together. He also said that he will be writing a song specifically for Kim Junsu.”

Sylvester Levay is a world famous composer, also having worked on “Mozart!” alongside playwright Michael Kunze.

One member of the musical revealed, Kim Junsu never misses a day of rehearsal. None of us anticipated too much since he is a famous idol star but he has exceeded all of our expectations. He works very hard.

With so much effort being put into his musical, what meaning does it hold to him? Junsu replied, A musical is a medium that gives me bravery and strength. It’s not just a stage that allows me to sing and act. It’s not something that I can just lightly accomplish, but rather something that I want to consistently work on into my future.”

The interview concluded with a question on TVXQ and whether he kept in contact with the members. Junsu simply replied,Each individual member is working hard on his activities. Just watching each other work feels like support in itself.

credit: allkpop

*side note: of course our susu works so hard! but please take care of yourself more or i bet chunnie will have to keep an eye on his pet forever!love junsu and yoosu!junsu fighting!!dbsk fighting!!<3<3<3


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