101231 Kim Woo Joo: “During The TVXQ Incident, U-Know Yunho Suffered From Depression”

03 Jan

U-know Yunho’s best friend of 10 years Kim Woo Joo, leader of J.Rich said that U-Know Yunho suffered depression from the TVXQ situation.

Kim Woo Joo said, “At that time, I was very worried about Yunho drinking because of the situation with his members. He usually drinks only once a year, but at that time he unexpectedly drank 6 times a month and thus had depression. It was really unbelievable”.

He also said, “I only started to calm down when I saw him get back on his feet. About ‘the new duo TVXQ’s release’, I finally realise why they are praised as ‘TVXQ'”.

Additionally, TVXQ will be pre-releasing their title song on January 3rd before going full swing into their activities later on and Old Time, of which Kim Woo Joo is a member, are planning to release an album in January as well.

Source: [mk news] + [TVXQ baidu]
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