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110421 JYJ’s Junsu reveals a fresh face sel-ca

JYJ’s Junsu revealed his natural good looks through a recent photo post on his Twitter.

On the 21st, the star tweeted, “A little embarrassed but… Good night guys.

Judging by his black tank and fresh face, it looks like Junsu’s all ready to jump into bed.

Netizens commented, “How can I go to sleep after looking at this picture?” “It’s cute that he’s embarrassed of a picture he took of himself,” and “I can’t believe he uploaded a picture like this after telling us to go to sleep.”

Source: JoongAng via Nate

credit: allkpop

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“TiO” releases full version of JYJ Yoochun’s CF

On April 20th, the full version of Yoochun’s first ever individual CF finally hit the public broadcast waves!

The official homepage for ice tea brand “TiO” recently updated with an online advertisement of the JYJmember as a popular high school teacher.

He accidentally bumps into a student holding cups of ice tea as he walks out of a room. The girls freeze over his breathtakingly handsome looks while Yoochun gives an awkward laugh.

Netizens commented on the hilarious CF, “I want a teacher like that in our school!”, and “I can totally understand what that girl must be feeling!”

Check it out below!

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JYJ’s Junsu reveals a picture of his home

JYJ’s Junsu recently revealed a picture from inside his home.

On April 20th, Junsu posted a picture onto his Twitter along with the message, “Lazy afternoon.. I was laying down after getting ready to leave when Kyung Jong took a picture!! I’m hungry. I’m going to go eat.”

In the picture, Junsu is seen sprawled out on his big, black couch lazily staring at the camera. In particular, fans took much interest in the setting of the picture, complimenting the size of the room and its design.

Netizens commented, “Looks comfy. Nice house. ;D”, “Wow your house is so pretty 🙂 Hehehe have a good rest! ♥ Oh and I really like your new hair color ^^ and your choice of attire :D”, and “Wow, you live well. keke I envy your tiled floor and lights. Still, I envy the sofa most of all… Oppa, you look so relaxed. keke.”

Source: Junsu’s Twitter

credit: allkpop

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JYJ Kim Junsu stretches out his legs on a large sofa. ‘About to fall asleep’

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Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu revealed his relaxed everyday form.

On the afternoon of the 20th, Kim Junsu gathered attention by posting a picture with his tweet, “lazy afternoon…  getting prepared to go out and KyeongJong who was lying down *chakak* (Sound of photo taking)! I’m famished. we need to go and get some food.”

In the revealed photo, Kim Junsu is lying on a large black leather sofa, stretching his legs in a comfortable position. Junsu especially is wearing plaid pants and slippers, and in a comfortable position. Furthermore, his position lying down looks as if he is sluggish and about to fall asleep.

Netizens who saw the photo reacted, “that position looks really comfortable,” “you sneakily revealed your house,” and “why does he look so good in slippers?”

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