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110422 Kim Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

he uploaded the pics but didnt post in his twitter XDDD

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110422 JYJ Kim Junsu’s Suwon Uniform Auction Surpassed 1 Million Won Bid

The uniform of Suwon Bluewings FC MEN leader Kim Junsu which was put into ‘Auction of Love’ held by Suwon Bluewings has exceeded 1 million won value.

Suwon Bluewings FC MEN official uniform worn by Kim Junsu in the last 15th game has been in process of auctioning for ‘Auction of Love’.

When Kim Junsu’s uniform was put into auction on April 18th at 15:00 at Suwon Nine homepage, the value started with 30,000 won, and by April 22nd at 18:00 the price has reached 1 million won. Once the auction meets its deadline tomorrow on April 23rd at 17:00, it’s expected that the price will be exceeding 1 million won.

The uniform auction will be held until April 23rd at 17:00 and the full amount of final bid will be donated to community welfare in Gyeonggi-do under name of Kim Junsu and the final auction winner.

Kim Junsu will also continue to participate in future social contribution events held by Suwon Nine.

Suwon is set to have a home game against Gyeongnam FC for Hyundai Oil Bank K-League 2011 at Suwon World Cup Stadium on April 24th at 19:30. While before the main game, at 17:00 FC MEN will hold an opening game against women soccer team Incheon Design High School.

In addition, before the end of half time of game against Gyeongnam, Kim Junsu will sign autographs and take picture together with 4 lucky people including the highest bidder as well as 3 other winners to express his gratitude towards them.

The opening game will be first introduction of FC MEN members soccer skill in front of their fans, all idol members of the team such as Kim Junsu, Kim Hyun-joong, Yoon Do-joon, Im Seulong are expected to participate.

credit: Osen

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110420 Director Kang Han Seung Of We#Plus Says, “JYJ’s Junsu Is A Friend Of Mine”

“I pushed for JYJ to promote OKTA to Korea as well as to give them a helping hand on making their entrance into overseas markets.”

At the World-OKTA 30th anniversary event that was held on the 18th at the Walker Hill Sheraton Hotel, popular group JYJ appeared. This was because JYJ have been chosen to be goodwill ambassadors of World-OKTA.

This is the first time that Hallyu stars have been chosen to be goodwill ambassadors for OKTA. When we asked who had suggested them to World-OKTA, we found that it was none other than We#Plus director Kang Han Seung.

Since graduating from the World-OKTA school in 2007, he has been constantly working between China and Korea.

I went to Beijing in 1999 when I was 16 to study abroad. That’s when I got to know TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu through an online game.”

At the time, Mr. Kang was a famous Starcraft gamer. An expert at the game, he was able to become friends with many celebrities as he met them through Shinhwa’s Hae Seong and played Starcraft with them.

“When I began my cosmetics business in China after I graduated from college, I started it up with Xiah Junsu. At the time, SM’s CEO Kim Young Min gave us permission to work together. But when things started to flow smoothly, problems arose for us.”

The event caused Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, and Micky Yoochun to leave SM and create a new group JYJ. But they are walking on tumultuous roads right now.

“When JYJ were producing their album, OKTA member Hong Mi Yeon introduced them to the famous composer Kim Hyung Seok, and through this connection, JYJ were able to receive pieces from other famous composers such as Rodney Jerkins and Kanye West for their first English album.”

Mr. Kang stated that he received much help from members of OKTA while he was building up his cosmetics company. Representatives in Korea who do not know this, usually look down on him because of his young age.

I began helping JYJ because I want them to do well.” Loyalty between friends has blossomed into a new helpful connection for JYJ.

Source: [dongpo news]
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T/N: This article about Mr. Kang Han Seung was deleted for unknown reasons. However, we felt that the information in the article held some importance on JYJ’s lawsuit, especially SME’s stance about the cosmetics company, so we decided that we should translate it.

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110422 TVXQ, Recalling The Glory of ‘Rising Sun’ Without JYJ

TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin) unveiled the stage from their past golden days.
On the 22nd broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ 600th episode anniversary, TVXQ performed their past hit ‘Rising Sun’.

TVXQ U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin recalled the glory stage of ‘Rising Sun’ which was released back in September 2005. On today’s performance they threw the performance as 2 members leaving behind the stage that was used to feature 5-membered TVXQ along with Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, and Park Yoochun.

Upon watching the performance, some netizens commented, “It definitely reminds me of 5 years ago,” “They’re just powerful now as they were back then.” while the others said, “If only the stage was produced along with Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, and Park Yoochun altogether as well, it might turns even better,” and “I wish I could watch the five people on stage.”

credit: Newsen

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110421 Park Yoohwan, “Instead Of Buying A Gift For My Brother, I Let Him Take Care Of My Bank Account”

We met with actor Park Yoohwan, whose charm is his fresh youth.

During the interview, Park Yoohwan ate a couple of sandwiches for his meal and said, “I have a tomato allergy.” But when we asked him, ‘Then you can’t even eat ketchup?’ he said, “No, eating ketchup isn’t a problem.” When we asked him, ‘What happens when you eat a tomato?’ he broke the ice and aroused laughter from those around us as he said, “My face scrunches up.”

Before Park Yoohwan was known as Actor Park Yoohwan, he always had the title ‘Park Yoochun’s little brother’ placed in front of his name. Park Yoohwan actually began his career in the acting industry after tagging along to his brother’s acting class where he fell for the charm of acting in which you can ‘experience something new’ every day. He then took his first step into the industry by appearing as ‘Han Seo Woo’, a man who wants to seem more mature in front of his nephews who are older than him, in the MBC weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’.

You could feel the unlimited love that Park Yoohwan has for his brother as he said, “I think I heard that a lot of people tell my brother, ‘I enjoy watching Shiny Shiny Shining’ or ‘I love watching your brother Park Yoohwan act’,” and “Though my brother desn’t show it, I know he’s really proud of me.”

What Park Yoohwan is anticipating the most these days, is none other than Park Yoochun’s May drama, MBC’s ‘Ripley’. As both dramas are being produced by the same broadcasting company, he believes that the two will end around the same date. He said, “What I’m anticipating the most is the fact that I might be able to meet up with my brother while doing my job as an actor,” and “I want to at least have a quick cup of coffee with him in the waiting rooms, joke around and share stories.”

He continued to say, “I heard that our drama is ending around the same time as my brother’s drama,” and “Though we live in the same house, we don’t get to see each other often so I really want to spend my time off with him.”

When asked where he would go if he and his brother had time to spare, Park Yoohwan seemed to be deep in thought for a moment before he said, “I want to go to a place where the sandy beaches are white and the water is blue,” and “I’ve never been to a place like that before. I really want to go to a place like that with him someday.”

Park Yoochun recently became a hot topic when it was revealed that he had bought his younger brother an expensive car. Now that he has made his debut as an actor and is making money, we asked Park Yoohwan if he has bought his brother anything yet and he said, “There are times when I take my brother out for dinner but I haven’t given him a proper gift yet.” Park Yoohwan showed the deep trust that he has for Park Yoochun when he said, “But my brother has been taking care of all the money that I’ve been earning till now.”

When we reminded him that he will never be able to escape being compared to his older brother Park Yoochun as long as both of them are in the entertainment industry, Park Yoohwan showed us how strong his family’s bond is as he said, “Because we’re family, I would never view him as competition,” and “I actually like being compared to my brother.”

Source: [diodeo news]
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110422 Hayato Blog Entry

Eh….was this given by Jaejoong??

You (might) say this is nothing but… isn’t it amazing?!

This was placed in the Seoul Office of the (3hree Voices) DVD production company.

What a Jaejoong-like design for a table…but this would definitely not suit my house. (Laughs)

Source : [Hayato’s Blog]
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JYJ’s sincere greetings to everyone’s parents with their influent Chinese

Korean group JYJ held their concert at Taipei Arena on the 23rd April and fans held on to their red lightsticks, presenting a magnificent red ocean. Having amazing charisma, from the time they announced the concert on April Fool’s Day to the sale of tickets was a mere 15 days. The tickets were 90% sold out, raking in 20 million with 19 songs performed. JYJ showed off their Chinese skills and greeted everyone with, “Hi everybody!”, “How is the health of everyone’s parents?”, receiving warm reponses.

After the settlement of JYJ and ex-agency’s lawsuit, (T/N: either a reporter’s error or probably the reference to the approved injunction.) JYJ embarked on a “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ tour. Last year end, they came to Taiwan for a showcase and they have promised to come back for a concert as soon as possible. Within half a year, they fulfilled their promise and attracted thousands of fans.

Kim Jaejoong was in charge of concert directing and themed this concert with “Challenge of Creativity”. The air flown jumping stage lifts and the seven LED screens costs several millions. Director Kim arrived in Taiwan on the 19th and involved personally in the production meeting of the concert. He requested to enlarge the T stage, from a “small T” to a “big T”, in order to present more elaborate dance moves and to increase the interactions with the audiences, showing his meticulous sense.

JYJ opened the stage with “Empty” and showed their entertaining songs and dances. Yoochun greeted the fans, “Sorry that we only managed to come now!” As for Jaejoong, he greeted, “How is everybody? Really missed everybody. We will try our best to bring the best performance to everyone.” The concert ended with two encores.

JYJ was busy after reaching in Taiwan and thus did not managed to go sightseeing. Yoochun and Jaejoong went to a soya bean shop that was around the hotel around midnight after their rehearsal the night before and the photo was posted on the net. They left Taiwan in the afternoon today at 1pm on Asiana flight OZ712.

credit: China Times
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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