110425 From Seaweed Monster To Thomas… Hilarious Nicknames For Stars

28 Apr

When looking at nicknames that fans have made for their favorite stars, we can gauge the fans interest in them. For idols especially, being called by their nickname is much more common than being called by their real name and the stories that lead up to the birth of these nicknames are different for each star. Some nicknames are derived from the stars’ names while others come from the stars’ character or talent. We’ve put together the most intriguing nicknames that are filled with the love and mischief of fans.


◆Emphasizing a talent or characteristic…
JYJ’s Kim Junsu(25) is called ‘Dolphin’ by his fans. The nickname was made based on a comparison between Kim Junsu’s vocal talent and that of the dolphin, with the mammal’s ability to produce sound waves too high in frequency for humans to hear. The nickname was created due to the singer’s vocal range that easily encompasses high notes. Recently, Kim Junsu was deemed the most vocally talented idol member in a survey and fans responded to this with the compliment, “Our dolphin boy Kim Junsu has done it again.”


◆Coming from their looks… ‘It’s possible’
JYJ’s Park Yoochun(25) was the target of many fans’ complaints when he decided to grow his hair out to a length that made it seem somewhat shaggy and bushy. Many fans commented on his wavy, long hairstyle and said, “It reminds me of seaweed,” thus giving birth to the nickname ‘Seaweed monster’. When he returned to a more neat and short hairstyle, it became such a hot topic that the words ‘Park Yoochun’s haircut’ became one of the most searched phrases on a popular portal site.


Source: [sports seoul]
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