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110613 JYJ, having extraordinary passion for soccer, flew abroad for Vietnam’s charity match on the 13th‏

JYJ expressed their special feelings for soccer.

JYJ went abroad on the 13th afternoon, in order to attend the “1st Asian Dream Cup” that would be held at Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City’s Thong Nhat Stadium on the 15th. “Asian Dream Cup” was a charitable soccer match organized by community welfare organization JS Foundation, which was founded by Manchester United FC’s Park Ji Sung and JYJ will present a “high time” congratulatory performance. JYJ will not only performed in Vietnam, they will also participate in “Youth Soccer Consultation”, meeting the children as a one-day coach.

JYJ’s management company revealed that fans have expressed concerns of JYJ’s schedules after all the official schedules ended. The management company said, “The ‘JYJ World Tour Concert 2011′ that was held on the 11th and 12th at Busan Indoor Stadium concluded JYJ’s official schedules. Right now, the members are going to concentrate on their individual activities. As member Kim Junsu is the captain of FC MEN, he has been extra attentive towards soccer. So does the other members, therefore upon hearing such a goodwill-themed match, they decided to join in altogether.”

After ending Vietnam’s activities and returning on the 16th, the members are to carry on with their individual activities with Kim Junsu in musical “Mozart”, Park Yoochun in “Miss Ripley” and Kim Jaejoong is currently in talks with a drama that is slated to be broadcasted in the later part of this year.

credit: Star News+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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110531 JYJ’s Yoochun exhibits his fluency in English for ‘Miss Ripley’

Park Yoochun recently showed off his fluency in English through MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley‘.

In the episode that was aired on May 31st, the singer-turned-actor intrigued viewers by speaking English in a scene. Playing the role of ‘Song Yoo Hyun’, Mondo Group’s sole heir, he gave a speech at the vice president’s induction ceremony. He was able to smoothly deliver the rather difficult and long lines in English, speaking about his group’s vision.

Yoochun had lived in the U.S. when he was younger, and is therefore proficient in English. He is also fairly fluent in Japanese, from his days of carrying out promotions in Japan.

Meanwhile, ‘Miss Ripley’ capped off a good opening week, registering a rating of 14.3% for episode 2, an increase of 1.1 percentage points from it’s debut episode.

Check out the scene below:

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

credit: allkpop

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110609 JYJ’s Yoochun treats the staff of “Miss Ripley” to an expensive dinner by

The generosity of Yoochun’s wallet was revealed recently, after it was discovered that he bought the staff of his new drama, “Miss Ripley“, an expensive dinner as a gesture of his gratitude.

The JYJ member reportedly made reservations at a sushi restaurant in Jeju Island during the staff’s stay there, and treated everyone to sawedged perch, which is considered the best dish on the menu. The staff had stayed up all night filming for the drama, so the meal was said to have been a much-needed energy boost.

Yoochun commented, “I always felt apologetic towards the staff with us.  We’re a dream team aiming to create the best drama possible, so I hope we continue to support each other.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver

credit: allkpop

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110609 JYJ Park Yoochun’s Cameo Appearance In MBC’s Drama “The Greatest Love”? “A Pleasant Surprise”

Park Yoochun made a surprise appearance in “The Greatest Love,” drawing the attention of the viewers.

On the episode of “The Greatest Love” that was aired on 8 June, while Goo Ae Jung and Yoon Pil Joo were having a meal, the television screen behind them showed a familiar image. It was Park Yoochun, who is currently playing Song Yoo Hyun in the MBC drama “Miss Ripley.”

It was later discovered that the shooting for “The Greatest Love” had happened to be during the airing of “Miss Ripley,” and therefore became an indirect form of promotion for the broadcaster’s drama.

Netizens said, “It’s a pleasant surpise,” “What a good way to promote your own drama,” etc, in response to Yoochun’ s surprise appearance.

(Irrelevant information omitted)

Source : [Jrw8008 + Nate]
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110608 Yunho reveals TVXQ’s full Bora Bora nude beach story

Yunho’s long-awaited nude beach story has finally been revealed!

On the 7th, SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘ invited back many of the past ‘Strong Heart’ champs from the last year and nine months to pick out the best ‘Talk King’ of the stars.

TVXQ’s Yunho started out the show with a placard that read, “Bora Bora nude scene.” He shared,“When TVXQ were rookies, we went to the Bora Bora islands to film our music video for ‘Hi Ya Ya Summer Days‘… The beach and scenery was so lovely that it looked like a scene from a movie… We played with the stingrays in the ocean and also partook in water polo. At that time, we were so full of youth and excitement that we put all our focus into the game and our swimsuit bottoms slowly came off.”

His confession surprised his fellow cast members on the set but he continued on, saying, “However, we were told that shooting for the video would begin immediately. The staff members were heading towards us on the beach and because there were female staff members present, none of us got out of the water. We were just watching them from inside the water. Because we were embarrassed to tell the staff the truth, we told them, ‘We’re in an important match right now. Can you just wait a little?’ to delay and buy some time. The problem was we couldn’t figure out which floating swimming briefs belonged to which member. In time, we eventually wore our own swimming briefs and ended this incident.”

However, their adventures in Bora Bora didn’t end there.

Yunho added this tidbit, “That isn’t the end of the story… Right outside the doors of our hotel, you can go swimming. Even the floors were made of glass so you could see the ocean underneath. The building was such that if you look up from the ocean, you can see into the hotel room.”

Yunho also shared the group’s little mischievous adventure.

He said, “Since we were at a resort, it was full of newlyweds. As it got dark, our curiosity arose. We all thought, ‘Let’s have a special experience this once,’ and went swimming in the ocean. We started peeking into other people’s room from the ocean and saw various couples kissing… We went from room to room as if it were a world tour. Let’s just say some of the things I saw that night, I’m taking it to my grave.”

Who knew that the members of TVXQ were such peeping toms?!

Source: Newsen via Nate News

credit: allkpop



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110608 Netizens Are Baffled By TVXQ’s ‘Crazy Suicidal Schedule’

The schedule of TVXQ, when it was a five-member group, has become a hot topic once more.

Recently, TVXQ’s schedule was sorted and released in an online community, catching the attention of many netizens.

Spanning from July of 2008 to July of 2009, the schedule is deemed to have been ordered and sorted by a TVXQ fan and includes the phrase ‘This excludes some activities such as photoshoots for magazines, music recording sessions, filming for MVs, filming for DVDs, photoshoots for photobooks, and filming for CFs.

The schedule surprised many as it shows an endless repetition of flying in and out of the country with at least 3~4 scheduled activities per day and little to no rest.

Netizens who saw this stated, “It would be hard to follow if one was not healthy”, “It’s a suicidal schedule”. “This must be the kind of road people have to walk on to be the best” and “They must not even have the time to eat. That’s sad.”

Source: [bnt news]
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T/N: This schedule was actually released in 2009 but has resurfaced due to the recent ‘suicidal schedule’ of Girls’ Generation. I translated the schedule in 2009 while still working as jeeelim5 at Tohosomnia, so here is the full schedule, translated. Please keep all credits intact :)

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110602 Avex Press Release – Regarding the JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Event Application For Provisional Injunction

Avex Group Holdings Ltd
Regarding the JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Event Application For Provisional Injunction

As stated in our press release on 28 April, in relation to the Tohoku Earthquake Charity Event by our company’s artists JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN, the organisers Zak Corporation (Zak Corp.) and JJY’s Korean management company C-JeS (C-JeS) had filed for 2 charges of provisional disposition against our company for unfair correspondence, at the Tokyo local district courts.

・ Heisei 23rd Year, No. 1115 Application for provisional injunction against obstruction of business operations (Civil Matters, 9th Dept)
Claimant (Complainant) = Zak Corp.
・ Heisei 23rd Year, No. 22020 Application for Provisional Disposition Order (Civil Matters, 46th Dept)
Claimant (Complainant) = Zak Corp. & C-JeS (Joint Claim by both companies)

With regards to the 2 counts of provisional injunction, our company had asserted its legitimacy on the issue, and we were confident that this case would be dismissed.  However on 27 May, Zak Corp. and C-JeS had, without waiting for the final decision, withdrawn both claims.

Zak Corp. and C-JeS had considered that it would have been difficult for their two claims to stand, and had decided to abandon this application for provision injunction. With such facts, we can simply conclude that legally, our claims are valid.

The above is what we would like to report.

(T/N: Heisei 23rd Year = 2011)

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