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110930 [Spoiler: Protect the Boss] Jaejoong asks Wang Ji Hye…

Wang Ji Hye received a romantic proposal from JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong on the last episode of SBS’s ‘Protect the Boss’.

The series aired its final episode on September 29th, and as fans had hoped, it showed a happy ending for the ‘Moo Won‘ (Jaejoong) and ‘Na Yoon‘ (Wang Ji Hye) couple.

When Na Yoon heard Moo Won was coming over, she tried to whip up a meal but failed with her lack of culinary skills. Seeing this, Moo Won showcased his talents as a cook by quickly preparing a pasta dish for them. As she ate, Na Yoon confessed, “You really have no faults. You keep making me fall for you.”

Although it was easy to read Na Yoon’s feelings toward Moo Won, it was hard to figure out how Moo Won, a man of few words, felt about Na Yoon. However, it turned out Moo Won had thought of Na Yoon as his girl all along.

As Na Yoon gazed at him lovingly, Moo Won stated seriously, “Stop looking at me like that and listen instead to what I’m about to say carefully… I’m thinking of becoming a clean business man. I want to bring about a new generation. But it won’t be easy.”

Na Yoon looked puzzled, so Moo Won continued, “People say that they want to become a great businessmen, but what I really want is to roll out a clean business. …People don’t like those who are different from them, so they may persecute us and try to knock us down. Would you still be willing to go through this with me?

After thinking deeply, Na Yoon complained, “Jerk. What kind of proposal is this,” as she wrapped her arms around Moo Won and smiled happily. However to her dismay, Moo Won replied, “We can’t get married right away. You are still a child, so I’m going to have to raise you some more before we marry.”

The show ended happily with the other couple on the show, Ji Hun (Ji Sung) and Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) also getting married.

Source + Photo: Tvdaily via Nate

credit: allkpop

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110926 JYJ’s Junsu admits he felt pain after hearing TVXQ’s “Don’t Say Goodbye”

On September 25th, JYJ‘s Junsu confessed that he felt heartbroken when he heard TVXQs “Don’t Say Goodbye” recently.

Junsu began by talking about the lyrics for the song, saying, “We won’t let go of each other’s hearts and overcome everything.  Cause you are my everything to me.”

He went on to write, “It’s a song that I liked a lot.  I randomly listened to it for the first time in a while.  But this song feels unfamiliar to me now.  It hurts my heart…”

“Don’t Say Goodbye” was included in the special edition of TVXQ’s 4th album, “Mirotic“, back when all five were together in one group.  The song is a pop ballad describing the moment of breakup between a couple.

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

credit; allkpop

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JYJ Lotte Duty Free October Wallpaper

Pictures were resized to fit JYJ3 screen. Full resolution pictures HERE.


Source: Lotte Duty Free
Shared by: JYJ3

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110930 Kim Jaejoong Reveals His Final Thoughts on “Boss”: “Cha Muwon, Thank You”

Boss Kim Jaejoong. In His Muwon-God Force Mode Reveals His Thoughts on Final Episode: “Cha Muwon, Thank You”

Group JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong has relayed his thoughts upon finishing the SBS TV drama Protect the Boss.

Kim Jaejoong posted a photo on his Twitter on the afternoon of the 30th with the following words: “I was happy in Boss and I am so thankful to Cha Muwon. Everyone, I thank you. To every member of the staff– I look up to you.”

On Protect the Boss that ended on the 29th, Kim Jaejoong debuted onto the Korean drama scene in the role of the director of headquarters Cha Muwon and earned praise with his stable acting. In particular, he received a good response from the viewers when he revealed his skills in cooking, which had been hidden, on the final episode.

The netizens who said this responded as follows: “Do I really need to let Cha Muwon go.” “Muwon-God, please come back!” “How am I supposed to live a world without Muwon-God.” “I hope you return through another drama!” “You worked hard until now.”

Translation CreditJYJ3

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110930 Writer for the Leading Progressive Newspaper in Korea Tweets on Jaejoong

A writer in the entertainment section of Hakyoreh, the leading progressive newspaper in Korea, tweeted the following:


My sunbae went to the finale party of Protect the Boss yesterday and now just keeps going on and on with the praises for Kim Jaejoong. Above all, he said that Kim Jaejoong reads Hankyoreh with vigor. ^^ Jaejoong-nim—he is cool, I see.

Source: @myviollet
Translation CreditJYJ3

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“Tohoshinki Jaejoong” on Japanese TV

[TRANS] Comedy skit featuring Tohoshinki Jaejoong

The comedian pair Non style are acting a skit where one of them is pretending to be Jaejoong while the other is an old lady fan ^^. The fan gets shocked when she gets close to ‘Jaejoong’ because she thinks he doesn’t look like the real Jaejoong and is ugly.
They then argue how he doesn’t look good while using puns and playing with words to relate them to “Why did I fall in love with you?” lyrics.

Announcer: Non-style will participate by acting Tohoshinki’s “why did I fall in love with you?”
Female announcer: Now tohoshinki’s Jaejoong is coming on stage!

‘Jaejoong’: hello~ hello~ I love you (in Korean)
I can hear the sound of everyone (in the audience) falling in love (with me)
Hello, I’m Jaejoong.
Today, I really wanted to meet everyone in this Japan concert.

Old Lady/Man: yah! So cool! Jaejoong Jaejoong!

‘Jaejoong’: security guards! There is an old lady from Kansai who just climbed on stage!! Hey security guards!!

Old lady/man: haha sorry I beat all the security guards unconscious! Jaejoong you’re so cool!! Kyaaaaa~
When I see you from so close you’re really uglyyyyy~

(They talk about the comedian’s features)

‘Jaejoong’: shut up! It’s the middle of the concert! Go away.
Don’t throw up!!
Don’t interfere.
Ok! Let’s start again. I hope it reaches everyone’s hearts. Please listen.
“Why did I fall in love with you?”

old lady/man: that’s what I should be asking!!
Why did I start liking you??

‘Jaejoong’: “but the what you chose was a different road”

old lady/man: really with that face you can’t continue on the singer’s road. (continue to criticize)
do you actually think you look good?

‘Jaejoong’: of course I do! No matter how you look at it I’m really good looking.

Old lady/man: no matter how you look at it it’s a low quality face!

‘Jaejoong’: it’s high quality face!

(continue to argue)

‘Jaejoong’: I’m sending love to everyone here

old lady/man: what you’re saying is cool! How you look is lame~

Credit: Mwonaisiteru via Lotus
Translation Credit: As0or83 from JYJ3

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110927 “Tohoshinki Jaejoong” Trending Because a Japanese TV Program Highlighted Jaejoong

Today, the Japanese program Non Stop had a corner in which an appearing cast was asked to mimic “Tohoshinki.” He mimicked Jaejoong, and no one else.

That is why “東方神起ジェジュン” (Japanese for “TVXQ Jaejoong”) was trending. That is also why the Twipple rankings have Jaejoong on #1 and Tohoshinki on #2:

We will update more on the situation in time.

Source: Twitter; Kim Jaejoong Gallery 야옹~ 님
Translation CreditJYJ3

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