14 Sep


Oh yesssss! I have finally submitted my thesis correction with all the forms, yes, I need 6 forms to submit 1 soft copy thesis. So so troublesome but I did it! Now I just need to wait for my senate meeting that will announce the date of my Master’s convocation day and I can submit the 5 copies of hardbound thesis to get my 1 and only Master’s transcript. Phewww! What a long journey! I have also rewrite my publication paper (in 2 and a half hours) and my paper will be publish next month! Yayyyy! I can’t wait! (^^,) (^_^)

Now, what is my next life stage plan? A PhD? Why not? I have come a long way and I need to keep moving on and on. I’m still undecided on what course yet but I have already decided on the country! Oh yes, I’m trying my best to do my doctorate’s degree in other country and I hope it will be very soon!

Play, study, work and pray hard! I have only 1 life to live with! :))

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Posted by on September 14, 2014 in me, mine, myself


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